Ellis (l3antha) wrote in hey_ocarina,

Hello and Welcome!

Hello everyone! Welcome to Hey Ocarina! We are just getting started, so please ignore the dust! Start posting and hopefully soon, we will have a great place here! :D

I am the mod of this place, and as such, you can direct any and all comments, complaints and suggestions about the community to me via private message.

I first came across ocarinas a while ago, as I was looking for a hobby to fill some extra time. Originally, I was going to learn how to play recorder, as I had a few left over from music classes in grade school. As I was looking online for tutorials and videos about recorders, I stumbled upon a video of someone playing the ocarina. I FELL COMPLETELY IN LOVE with the sound that came out of that thing, and I just HAD to learn more. I wanted to be able to make that sound myself! I scoured the internet and found a seller near me, picked up a few ocarinas, and have been playing since December 09! I am still new to the whole thing, and I am not very good yet, but I just love it, and hopefully, with time and practice, I will get better.

Introduce yourself in a comment in this post, or feel free to create a new post if you'd like! Share some pictures and videos, ask questions, whatever! Enjoy yourselves! :D
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