Ellis (l3antha) wrote in hey_ocarina,

My ocarinas

Click on the image for a HUGE view.

Clockwise from top:
Hind Walnut Inline Tenor F, which can be purchased here.
Focalink Teardrop/Longmouth pendant in Soprano C, which can be purchased here, or here.
Focalink Dolce Double Alto C, which can be purchased here or here.
Focalink Alto C, which can be purchased here or here.

Share pictures of yours in the comments!

I know that pretty much nothing has been happening here yet, mostly because I am way superbusy and have other stuff going on...BUT, things are calming down, so soon, we'll get this place going. I know there are only a few of us here, and I don't think all of you have ocarinas, but that is ok! Anything ocarina-related is fair game here, so if you have anything to share then you should post it! If you have any questions about ocarinas, then feel free to ask! Post some pictures, or neat videos, or anything!!!! Yay ocarinas! Hey!
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