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Focalink AC and  SC pendant

April 2010



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Ocarina Radio!

STL has made an internet ocarina radio station! Go here, and then click the big play button. A little window will pop up and then you can listen! It is very lovely to have ocarina music playing in the background while you browse the internet!


My ocarinas

Click on the image for a HUGE view.

Clockwise from top:
Hind Walnut Inline Tenor F, which can be purchased here.
Focalink Teardrop/Longmouth pendant in Soprano C, which can be purchased here, or here.
Focalink Dolce Double Alto C, which can be purchased here or here.
Focalink Alto C, which can be purchased here or here.

Share pictures of yours in the comments!

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If you don't already know how to read music, I do suggest you learn. While many songs are available in tabs for beginners on the ocarina, once you exhaust those, then where do you go?

I was sooooooo scared of sheet music, and for the longest time, I avoided it--it looks very intimidating! But, when I decided to take up ocarina, I figured that I might as well give it a shot. I was SO SURPRISED with how simple it really is!

Here are some links to get you started:

Teoría - A music theory website with great tutorials and exercises.

Ricci Adams' MusicTheory.net - Interactive lessons and exercises.

STL Ocarina's Fingering chart and composer - Here you can see how fingerings on your ocarina relate to the keys on a piano and the notes on the staff.

Metronomeonline.com - A free online metronome.

In addition to utilizing those websites, I made flash cards,

and I would also paste tab blanks on sheet music, and then fill out the correct fingerings under each note. An example under the cut.Collapse )

It is best if you can have your ocarina nearby when you are studying these things, as you will be able to pick it up and feel the proper fingerings, hear the note that goes along with it, and see the corresponding note on the staff. When that is entirely impractical (in your car, in class, at work, out to dinner, etc.), then you can bring your flash cards and go over those! Hopefully, by using all of these things at different times, you will learn to read music in no time at all! I think you will impress yourself with how quickly you can get the hang of it.

Good luck! :D


Hello and Welcome!

Hello everyone! Welcome to Hey Ocarina! We are just getting started, so please ignore the dust! Start posting and hopefully soon, we will have a great place here! :D

I am the mod of this place, and as such, you can direct any and all comments, complaints and suggestions about the community to me via private message.

I first came across ocarinas a while ago, as I was looking for a hobby to fill some extra time. Originally, I was going to learn how to play recorder, as I had a few left over from music classes in grade school. As I was looking online for tutorials and videos about recorders, I stumbled upon a video of someone playing the ocarina. I FELL COMPLETELY IN LOVE with the sound that came out of that thing, and I just HAD to learn more. I wanted to be able to make that sound myself! I scoured the internet and found a seller near me, picked up a few ocarinas, and have been playing since December 09! I am still new to the whole thing, and I am not very good yet, but I just love it, and hopefully, with time and practice, I will get better.

Two videos of really really good ocarinists under the cut.Collapse )

Introduce yourself in a comment in this post, or feel free to create a new post if you'd like! Share some pictures and videos, ask questions, whatever! Enjoy yourselves! :D